Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Corkscrew Russ.jpg

Fashion took its toll in south Florida in the late 1800s, with plume hunters raking in $32/ounce (twice the price of gold at the time). Embellishing women’s hats with egret feathers was all the rage, but in 1896, a Boston society matron got wind of the slaughter, and took up the cause. Boycotts soon led to legislation to protect wading birds, and the National Audubon Society was hatched. Corkscrew Swamp shows this conservation group at its finest, and is also home to the largest stand of old-growth cypress, with wonderful boardwalks throughout.

Corkscrew boardwalk.jpg
Wood Storks, Little Blue Herons, and Painted Buntings were among our many sightings
Corkscrew Gators 1.jpg
Cypress knees and gators
Jim and Joanne (1).jpg
We’ve had a great time camping with our friends from York!

5 thoughts on “Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

    1. We knocked on your door before we left – sorry we missed you too. We took a look at your bike rack, which we’re thinking of getting. Are you happy with it? Janie


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