Everglades National Park

River of Grass.jpg

We’re spending a week in this 1.5 million acres of wonderful wildness – a river of grass interspersed with small island forests called hammocks, and surrounded by the Florida Bay. Flamingo (at the southern end of the road) took quite a hit from Hurricane Irma, and most of the facilities are still closed. The crocodiles are still there, as are the white pelicans, and I’m happy to report that the largest mahogany tree in the US still stands.

Full moon over Flamingo.JPG
Full moon over Flamingo campsite
Lunar eclipse.jpg
Lunar eclipse at dawn
Florida Bay.jpg
This beautifully rendered watercolor of Flamingo bay was painted by my brother-in-law, Barry
Gumbo Limbo Tree.jpg
The Gumbo Limbo tree, with Mahogany trees in the background
Tourist Tree.JPG
With it’s peeling red bark, the Gumbo Limbo is also known as the Tourist tree

Perhaps the most ferocious creature in the Everglades is the tiny mosquito. Last year’s swarms (the worst in 20 years) skyrocketed to the Hysterical level of the Mosquito Meter, but with temps on the coolish side, we were happy to hover on the Enjoyable end.

Mosquito Meter.jpg

In desperate need of a hot (make that luke-warm) shower, we moved up to Long Pine Key campground near the entrance to the park, where we said good-by to Diana and Barry. They get the “Good Sports” award for enduring several chilly nights in their tent, with nary a complaint!

Anhinga Trail 1.jpg
The Anhinga Trail
Temperature-dependent Sex Determination (TSD): If the temperatures are 90º or higher for 14 consecutive days during incubation, the alligator hatchlings are all male; if 86º or below, they’re all female.
Anhinga Trail.jpg
The Anhinga Trail

Diana & Barry & us.JPG


11 thoughts on “Everglades National Park

    1. The campgrounds weren’t great, but there’s lots to see here, and the volunteers who lead walks are terrific. Sounds like you had a great time at Gulf Shores. Sure wish we were going to Texas with you!



  1. M.A. and I took several guided tours thru the park some years ago. Most amazing thing we learned is how central gators are to shaping the landscape & vegetation. Always beautiful pics. Keeping on enjoying!


  2. Thanks for sharing your great pictures and thoughts on the Everglades, Janie. We also stayed at Flamingo (and took very quick showers!). We were sad to see all the plant devastation there but happy about the mosquito population. The wind seemed to help with that as well. We did get to see an alligator and crocodile swim past each other in the marina. We were told that crocs are only seen there and Key Largo. Happy travels!!


  3. omg. Were you really that close to the gator? We surrender golf balls when in the vicinity 🙂 Love the painting by your bro-in-law. The only time we were in the Everglades, it was so cold the geckos had frozen and fallen out of the trees. But the alligators perservered! Interesting fact about sex determination. Is it for real? Have fun!!


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