Big Cypress and Lake Okeechobee

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Fresh Florida fruit, and lots of it!

As we left the Everglades and started northward, we made one more pass through Big Cypress where the birding is some of the best we’ve had on this trip.

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In 1968, construction of what was to be the world’s largest jetport was begun in this 729,000-acre swampland, and would have been the nail in the coffin to the already struggling Everglades. Fortunately, a coalition of conservationists, hunters, private landowners and Native Floridians put a stop to it, and ultimately Big Cypress National Preserve was established.

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Russ’ sister, Nancy, has joined us this week, and today she and I enjoyed a bike ride on the levee beside Lake Okeechobee while Russ went for a run on the same path.

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With miles of sugar cane and orange groves surrounding it, Clewiston claims to be “America’s Sweetest Town.” The Chamber of Commerce has a nice little museum and two films that give an overview of how orange juice and sugar make their way from field to table. (The 3 1/2- hour Sugarland Tour was booked for the week.)

Sugar Cane.jpg
Sugar Cane is actually a grass that has to be replanted every three years
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At 730 square miles, Lake Okeechobee (Florida’s inland sea) is the largest fresh water lake in Florida and is the source that feeds Big Cypress and the Everglades.


5 thoughts on “Big Cypress and Lake Okeechobee

  1. Looks like you have really had a great trip! Larry and I have just returned to Florida after a 2 week cruise from San Juan Puerto Rico. We are in Port Charlotte with Les and Sylvia for a few days before spending weekend with Rachael in Bradenton. We fly home next Wed.from Orlando. Wish we could have met up with you along your route. Safe Travels back north.

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  2. We returned from the biking adventure just in time to see the distant Space-X launch from 39-A (Kennedy Space Center). What a day and……Thanks for the Bikes David! ❤️Pop


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