Fort De Soto Park (Pinellas County FL)

Misty morning.jpg
Misty morning in the campground

Our plan to travel up the middle of the state was altered when we heard about the campground at Fort De Soto County Park south of St. Petersburg. It lived up to its reputation in spades – large private sites on well-maintained roads with dark skies and lots of water in every direction. All this is enhanced with miles of biking trails that Nancy and I enjoyed while Russ went for a daily run.

Nancy and Fort.jpg

Fort DeSoto Campsite.JPG
Site #220 – Not on the water, but nice and roomy

Flanked by Tampa Bay to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, Fort De Soto was built in 1898 during the Spanish American War. The complex was used until World War II when B-17s trained here.

Fort DeSoto Sign.JPG

Russ and Nancy.jpg

Our “guest house” has served us well during the past two weeks. It was great sharing some of our Florida adventures with family.

Nancy by tent.jpg

Fort Desoto Beach.jpg

5 thoughts on “Fort De Soto Park (Pinellas County FL)

  1. Ah…memories…a site we stayed at when our daughter’s were school age. Dolphins in the bay at sunset and laughing gulls helping themselves to our dinners…

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  2. Wow, we know area. We were at the State Fair in Tampa today but have been where you are before. We are with Rachael and her husband in Bradenton until Monday. Give our best to everyone…

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