Grayton Beach State Park

Top 10 reasons we loved our stay at Grayton Beach State Park in Santa Rosa FL

#1  Our campsite – private, roomy, and right by the water
Path to the water.JPG
Path to the water from our campsite
White sand.JPG
# 2  Wide, white sandy beaches
# 3  Quiet sunrises


Jim & Charlotte Schmidt.jpg
#4 Sharing good stories and bad jokes around a campfire with new friends. Here are two of them – Jim and Charlotte – who traded their sailboat for a Casita.
# 5  Raw oysters at Shunk Gulley’s in Santa Rosa
Through the trees.JPG
# 6  Silhouettes
#7  Miles of bike paths that lead to fun places (like Watercolor and Seaside, where a whole line of vintage Airstreams found a second life as food trucks.)
Pine Sillouette.jpg
#8  Pine trees
#9  Mullet jumping in the lake every morning (I didn’t get a photo of them, but this is where they live.)
#10  Stunning sunsets

6 thoughts on “Grayton Beach State Park

    1. It’s our favorite campground so far, though the wildlife wasn’t as prevalent as the Everglades and Fort De Soto. It’s a beautiful area, but lots of tourists (like us😊)

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