Shreveport LA

Russ and Bryan.jpg

We made a pilgrimage to Shreveport to see a classmate of Russ’ that he hadn’t seen in 45 years.  He and Bryan roomed together at the Air Force Academy during their 3rd class year. On Friday night, we were invited to Happy Hour at his home with his two children and their families.

Russ’ thoughts:  “Bryan arrived at the Academy as a scrappy all-star musician and fun-loving guy from Newport Arkansas. I had 120 Ray Charles recordings and a complete library of Stones and Beatles (as of 1966). We took to each other right away, and many adventures (and mis-adventures) happened during the next five years. Viet Nam took us apart.  As an Air Rescue helicopter pilot during the war, Bryan was shot at and missed. His actions, during heroic rescues, earned him the Air Force Silver Star. After he got out of the Air Force, Bryan was called  to the ministry where he continued to rescue his congregation and suffering war veterans. His stories touched my soul – a life well-lived. Bless you Bryan, and your beautiful family!”

The most convenient place for us to camp was at Diamond Jacks Casino on the Red River. It turned out to be a decent place, and while we didn’t gamble, the three of us had a nice meal together on Saturday night. (Bryan’s wife, Jennifer, had recently had surgery, so couldn’t join us on our outings.)

Diamond Jacks.jpg

The Red River trail.jpg
A nice multi-use trail from our campsite by the swollen Red River
View from the trail.jpg
View of Shreveport from the trail
Mardi Gras remnants.jpg
Remnants of Mardi Gras


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