Birds, Boudin, and the Bayou

Cypress Swamp.jpg
Cypress Swamp, home to an egret rookery

We’ve been hanging out in Cajun country, and yes, in many ways, it does feel like another country. Though most people speak English here, Cajun French is definitely in the air. The music is as flavorful as their food, with fiddles and accordians dominating the scene, and boudin and cracklin available at every gas station. (By the way, Louisiana, we love paying $2.19 for gas, but honestly, you could up the price a bit to improve your roads!)

A bucket of cracklin 

A Taste of Louisiana.jpg

Breaux Bridge.jpg

The Bridge.jpg
The bridge in Breaux Bridge crosses Bayou Teche and lifts straight up with cables and pulleys.
Bayou Teche.jpg
Bayou Teche was the Mississippi River’s main course several thousand years ago.
It’s believed that the name “Teche” comes from the Chitimacha Indian word for “snake.” Legend has it that a giant snake attacked their villages, and after many years, the warriors were finally able to kill it. The depression left after the snake decomposed filled with water and became the 125-mile bayou.”
Girl Scouts.jpg
I never pass up a chance to support one of my favorite organizations!

8 thoughts on “Birds, Boudin, and the Bayou

  1. You were in such a good place. I love visiting Loo-Zee-Anne.
    I’ve been there—Avery Island, Beaux Bridge, Don’s Seafood Hut, more!
    The food, the music. I love hearing the Cajun accent.
    But I don’t like snakes. Nope.


    1. We’ve seen some snakes on this trip, Bob, but never felt threatened. It’s an interesting part of the country – happy to have the opportunity to explore it.



  2. Enjoying your travels. Are you going to be home for the oscars? We are back to winter today.
    Keep the pics and info coming!


  3. Louisiana is also a favourite place for me. But what you showed me, wonderfull pictures, another world to discover …


  4. We love that Cajun food! And so glad to see the Girl Scouts are there too. We, too, always support this wonderful organization that I know Janie was a part of in NY.


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