Chicot State Park

We had nothing planned for the day, so decided to just drive around and see what came our way. About an hour into our jaunt, we saw a sign for Chicot State Park, which is also home to the Louisiana State Arboretum, the first state-run arboretum in the nation.

LA Arboretum.jpg
The arboretum, established in 1964, was the brainchild of one Louisiana’s first female foresters, Caroline Dormon. 
Visitor Center.jpg
Inside the Visitors Center
This thousand foot boardwalk leads to five miles of hiking trails
One thing Louisiana has plenty of, and that’s water, even in their arboretum. No wonder the Bald Cypress is their state tree.
Resting place along the trail


Tangled up in blue

7 thoughts on “Chicot State Park

  1. Another spectacular find and fabulous reporting. You guys should lead Road scholar excursions!
    Looking forward to our solo observation of the Oscars. Will be surprised by many choices


    1. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on the Prairie Acadian Cultural Center! We enjoyed having you guys hang out with us! Keep dancing!


  2. Wow what a find! This looks like an educational treasure. The bald cypress like sculpture in visitor center floor is ingenious. it looks like the etched glass up top is different varieties of trees. The architecture of the center is very appealing too. What a gifted designer.

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