Eunice LA

Bubba Hebert & the Playboys.jpg
Bubba Hebert & the Playboys put on a great show at the Prairie Acadian Cultural Center

Just an hour west of Lafayette is a little town called Eunice, and what seems like the wild west of Acadian culture. The place is saturated with music, crawfish, and “joie de vivre,” and Cajun Mardi Gras gives a whole new meaning to the annual festival..  The Prairie Acadian Cultural Center (part of the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park) has been a great resource, and Saturdays there are filled with music, dancing, crafts, and even food preparation.

Angelle Bellard, a ranger for Jean Lafitte National Park, gave us some great tips, and even taught us the Cajun Two-Step!
Joe and Bernice (90)
Joe and Bernice, age 90, come here every Saturday to dance.


Liberty Center.jpg
Next to the Cultural Center is the Liberty Theater, home to the Cajun “Grand Ole Opry.” Every Saturday night a Cajun or zydeco band is featured during a 90-minute live radio broadcast.
Kenneth Benoit & the Gravel Road Band.jpg
Kenneth Benoit & the Gravel Road Band at the Rendez-vous des Cajuns in the  Liberty Theater



11 thoughts on “Eunice LA

  1. While in Eunice Janie make sure you visit Dee I’s It’s a Cajun venue out in the Bayou’s Lesley and me had a great time there dancing and listening to the bands and got to eat aligator.
    The visitor centre can give directions to it.
    Eric & Lesley xx


    1. I should have known you and Leslie would’ve found this part of the world! We met another British couple in Eunice who had come for the music.

      Sent from my iPhone



  2. Joe and Bernice look incredibly healthy for their age. Maybe we should all use more hot sauce. Thinking of you guys on Oscar night.


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