Natchez MS

Our first trip to Natchez was in 2015 on our Great River Road trip.  Perched on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi, it holds its small town southern roots close by being locked up tight on a Sunday afternoon. Natchez.jpg

Natchez reflections.jpg

View from the bluff.jpg
The Bluffs Trail offers great views of the Mighty Mississippi
Grand Village of the Natchez Indians.jpg
Ceremonial mounds dating back to 1000 AD are prevalent in western Mississippi.. The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians has three mounds that were built around 1350 AD and were occupied until 1730 when the French attacked the village.
Campground riverwalk.jpg
The riverwalk by our campground
Bridge to Natchez.jpg
We can see the bridge to Natchez from our campsite.


9 thoughts on “Natchez MS

  1. It is amazing —to see how interesting & even exciting!! Each stop along the road seems to be.

    Lovely to share!!


    Where is Easter this year!! Glad to have it here cause i’ll Get a lot of help. Wherever!! ❤️

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