Jackson MS

The Natchez Trace is 444 meandering miles between Natchez and Nashville. Our first stop along this bucolic byway is Jackson MS to see the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum that opened in December 2017. The stories are shocking, even though I’ve heard them before. As the New York Times reported, the museum “refuses to sugarcoat history.” We’ve come a long way, but there’s still a long way to go.

Black power.jpg



This soaring light sculpture fills the central gallery. Give yourselves a treat and listen to Odetta sing “This Little Light of Mine.”

The movement today for freedom cannot be pushed back anymore than a tidal wave can be pushed back by hand. That which seeks to destroy the freedom of man seeks to destroy the soul of man.”  – Medgar Evers, May 31, 1959






5 thoughts on “Jackson MS

  1. Glad to hear about this museum Janie! We met 3 more Ollie-owners on our travels. Two at Big Bend National Park and one lady who is full-timing in her Ollie at Fort Davis State Park.


  2. I’m sure that seeing the Museum was a moving experience. I really like Odetta’s music. Have an LP of hers that I have had for some 60 years. Safe travels. Avoid the bad weather.


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