Big Red/Little Red

In 2013 we decBig Redided to go on an extended camping trip to The Badlands and Beyond.  After much research, we purchased a truck tent to fit on the back of our son Jesse’s truck, affectionately known as Big Red.  It was a fabulous trip and our arrangement worked so well that we did another month long trip in 2015, this time following The Great River Road from the headwaters of the Mississippi down to New Orleans.  Unfortunately, the month of May was a bit chilly (especially in Minnesota) and damp (it rained almost every day).  We decided that if we wanted to continue to travel, especially in the off season, we needed to upgrade our accommodations a bit.  Big Red served as our trusty steed when we picked up our Oliver travel trailer this spring, but we soon realized we needed a truck of our own.  Now Big Red Jr. has taken over the job – not quite the muscle of Big Red, but so far, so good!



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