Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High

We’re driveway camping with friends Sue and Clint at their beautiful home overlooking Mt. Sopras near Aspen.  Twelve years ago today, they (and a few other hearty souls) climbed to the top of this magnificent mountain, and Russ “officiated” as they exchanged their wedding vows.


Yesterday we did a drive-by of the Balloon Festival in Snowmass before heading out on a 6 hour/25mile jeep tour high above Aspen (12,400 feet).  It was an incredible day, filled with beauty in every direction and Aspen trees aglow.





Snow in the Rockies

Yesterday we set up camp in a National Forest campground on the shores of Dillon Reservoir near Keystone, CO. What a glorious day!


Then the rains came and went, as they often do in Colorado.

In between the showers, we enjoyed a taco feed inside Ollie.


This morning we woke to snow on the mountains, a thrilling sight!


Fortunately, Ollie came equipped with a furnace, so we were able to warm up before a morning hike to the lake.

Prospector Campground/Arapahoe National Forest


The Best Laid Plans…


I spent many happy hours sitting by the fire this past winter, researching routes and campgrounds and carefully planning an itinerary, which I sent to our family so they’d know where we were.  This is our 7th night on the road, and the 4th night we haven’t camped where we had planned – oh well!  Today we were eager to see the Rockies, so pushed on to Canon City where we found Starlight Classic Campground, home to beautifully restored vintage campers that can be rented overnight.

Friendly folks, a Dane who was biking from CA to NYC, a beautiful setting, and music around a campfire as a waxing gibbous moon shone from behind the clouds – a perfect welcome to the Rocky Mountains!