St Augustine part 2

We arrived at the lighthouse at the same time a tour bus pulled up, so we kept going to Anastasia State Park where we had a short but sweet hike on a nature trail, and took a look at the mighty Atlantic. Dinner at the Salt Water Cowboy was everything you said it would be, Steve. Thanks for the recommendation!

St Augustine FL

With it being Bike Week in Daytona, we were lucky to find a campsite in St. Augustine. We found a sweet site by the pond at this lovely RV camp, just 10 minutes from St. Augustine. Spent the morning walking in this lovely old city, lunch at Harry’s  Seafoood Bar and Grille (thanks for the recommendation, Janie and Tom) and now headed to the lighthouse, followed by dinner at the Saltwater Cowboy. Warm and very windy today. 

St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge

We opted out of the city bus tour, and headed down to St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge instead, first stopping for a delicious lunch at the Riverside Cafe in St. Marks.

After lunch, our plan was to drive out to the lighthouse, then make our way slowly back and stop for one of the many hikes along the way.  We were chagrinned to realize we had left our binoculars in Ollie, but there were so many birds it didn’t seem to matter.


When we turned on Big Red to head back for our hike, Russ noticed that the water/fuel light was on again.  Outing over – sigh!  We headed straight for the dealership, where they will get things sorted out tomorrow.  The day ended on an up beat, enjoying the evening’s entertainment with fellow campers, Tom and Janie (yes, that’s her birth name, just like mine!)



Tallahassee FL

We’re parked in a State Fairground at a Passport America rally, hoping to learn more about the RV/Travel Trailer lifestyle. Around 350 people are here, and about 1/3 of those are full-time RVers.  Needless to say, we’re not only the newest kids on the block, but the smallest.

Today we found ourselves longing for a walk in the woods, and ended up at Tom Brown Park  which has something for everyone, including lovely hiking/biking trails.  They even had a dog park, which was fun to watch.  We made it back in time for the afternoon jam session, dinner, and a terrific comedian to round out the evening.