The Prairie

Liberal, MO – who knew?  And home to Prairie State Park, just down the road from Harry S. Truman’s birthplace.    We made our way along the 4 mile gravel road that leads to the park and found a delightful little campground (4 campsites) nestled in the wood, surrounded by prairie.  Since we had arrived early in the day, we spent the afternoon hiking the vibrant, living prairie trails, home to everything from bunnies to bison (and yes, we stayed the recommended 100 yards away since there was no fence separating us!)


This morning we dropped Ollie at El Dorado State Park in Kansas, and spent the afternoon driving the Flint Hills Scenic Byway and exploring the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

Whenever you stop on the prairie to lunch or camp, and gaze around, there is a picture such as poet and painter never succeeded in transferring to book or canvas… D. W. Wilder, editor of the Hiawatha World, 18884.

The vistas are  vast, the wildflowers abundant and varied, and the wind is always blowing.   Today, only 4% remains of the original 170 million acres of the tall grass prairie that once covered this land.