The Great Escape

We’ve packed up Ollie and are heading south, with a brief stopover at our place on the Chesapeake. Happy to be on the road again!

IMG_3653 2
YESTERDAY (York, PA)  Packing up in a wintry mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain.
THIS MORNING:  Dawn from our cabin on the Chesapeake Bay – one of my favorite views.
THIS AFTERNOON:  Outside temperature as we enter South Carolina.  Ahhhh!

Home Sweet Home

Our friend, Deb, not only had stocked our refrigerator with dinner and breakfast fixings, but decorated our porch as well – what a welcome sight!  (Correction!  Deb just notified me that it was our friend and yard helper, Dean, who decorated our porch – thank you Dean!)


Seven weeks of mail was waiting for us.


What we kept…what-we-kept

What went into the recycle bin…trash

Here we go!

Susan & Jim

Several weeks ago, our friend Susan posted a photo of a happy little painting she had done that very much resembled our Ollie (though she wasn’t aware at the time that we were even buying a travel trailer).  This morning she and Jim surprised us with a copy they had made to wish us well on our travels.  Thank you friends, for this sweet send off to our adventure, which starts tomorrow!