Ollie – Inside and Out

While Ollie was being checked out in the shop, we took the opportunity to go on a factory tour.  It was pretty amazing to see all that goes into making this sweet little camper – double hulled fiberglass with plenty of insulation between the layers.

Inside and outside bottom hull, before insulation
Top inner hull with insulation
Bottom outside hull with plumbing and wiring
Aluminum frame
Welded gussets for extra stability
Finished product (That’s Ollie in the middle)


Detour to Hohenwald TN

We had noticed an odd noise with the inverter that changes battery power to a/c power, and since we were relatively near the factory where Ollie was built, we decided to have it checked out.  We were hoping it would be a quick fix, and we’d be on our way, but alas, we had to leave him in the shop overnight.


We spent the afternoon revisiting the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway, driving the northern section we had missed when we were here last spring.  The leaves are just beginning to change here, and we loved hearing the rustle beneath our feet as we walked along the Old Trace.




Hopefully we’ll be on our way tomorrow, stilling planning to be home sometime this weekend in time for the neighborhood block party.

First Night

Ollie & Big Red

Today was pickup day for our Ollie, and we spent several hours with Richie, Jamie, Anita and Tommy getting checked out on all the bells and whistles.  Thanks to everyone who made this a wonderful day!  (We spent most of the day with Tommy, but were so busy taking notes, we didn’t get a photo of him.)

After lunch (prepared by Anita ♥) Tommy took us to Fall Hollow Campground and helped us set up.  The night before we had stayed in one of Fall Hollow’s  Bed and Breakfast rooms inside the restaurant that’s on site, and found our host, Noel, to be friendly and accommodating.  He even joined us for breakfast this morning!  Now we’re all tucked in, ready for our first night in Ollie.