Who’s Ollie?

Russ and I have been camping together Ollie Exteriorsince the 1960’s when we were pup tent purists, scoffing at big rigs wedged in next to our humble abode. Through the years we graduated to backpacking tents of various sizes, adding air mattresses at some point, and eventually cots. We felt we had taken a big step when we graduated to a truck tent (neatly attached to Big Red), but the amenities were still, shall we say, sparse. In the fall of 2015, a Ollie Floor Planfriend from long ago and far away posted a photo of his Oliver Travel Trailer on Facebook. WOW!  We called the factory to find out how we could see one, and were told that two Olivers would be coming to a campground near us that weekend.  It was love at first sight – we placed our order the next day. Two years and thousands of miles later, we can happily say that Ollie was the right choice for us.Ollie Interior